Why Does So Many Married Women Want to Have Cuckolding?

married women want to have a cuckold

As the word goes by in the streets, 'men are naturally polygamous.' Nonetheless, the society today has come to normalize individual heterosexual relationships, in which a woman has permission to have sex with other women so long as he returns to her husband. This new sexual norm, often referred to as Cuckolding, highlights an agreement between a married woman and his male partner that she can have sex with other men, but exclusively remain faithful to her.

There are many best cuckold sites where submissive/ cuckold male partners allow sharing of their wives with other cuckold guys, girlfriends, and swing couples. Such sites include Adult Friend Finder, Bi Cupid, BookofSex, just but to name a few. According to most people, they deem these relationships 'insane.'

However, before going all judgmental on why so many married women want to have a cuckoldt through online cuckold date or using sexting online to find a cuckold, it is essential to understand some of the benefits that may lie in this lifestyle choice. First, take some time and reflect on the immense trust and communication these couples require to put up with such a relationship. It might seem irrelevant now, but after reading this article, you will understand why married women want this so badly. Perhaps you might even find yourself trying it out in your relationship.

1. It is Educational

Married women want to explore and learn new ways of igniting and keeping the fire burning in their relationship. For instance, your sexual relationship might become boring because you keep practicing the same sexual style during intimacy. Most women want to cuckold to keep on learning these new sexual styles that they may come and practice in their current relationship making it more exciting. Also, this factor aligns with watching porn videos with your partner on some of the best cuckold sites. You progressively educate yourself on how to enhance your intimacy.

2. It Enhances an Open-minded Relationship

Married women want to cuckold since it fosters an open-minded relationship. By practicing cuckolding, the couple pushes beyond the restrictions set by society today. In the marriage, the coupe stops deeming some sexual practices as 'crazy' and thus sets out to try out new things to keep their married life exciting. You might realize that by being open-minded, you get to realize that some of these things are fun and end up giving life to your relationship.

3. It Reduces Sexual Frustration

Most women want to cuckold in their relationship to reduce any cases of sexual frustration or dissatisfaction. By practicing this lifestyle, women get to explore beyond the sexual boundaries set by marriage, which not only satisfies your sexual desires but also leads to personal growth. According to research by Dhananjay, a sexologist and psychiatrist, he reveals that a person’s inability to express his sexual desires and satisfy them, it leads to sexual absenteeism. Women want to practice cuckolding to reduce such instances of sexual dissatisfaction.

4. It Boosts Their Confidence

Married women seek cuckolding also to boost their confidence. By exploring beyond the cultural norms of marriage, women can leave behind the custom of suffering in a dissatisfying relationship. What many speculate as taboo, in the real sense, leads to excitement, and fulfillment of the woman's desires and thus boosting her confidence. The benefit of this lifestyle can reflect at the woman’s workplace, friendship, family, and interaction with friends. Also, some men like the fact that other men find some sense of attraction in their women.

5. It Enhances Good Communication with Their Partner

Communication is one of the significant grounds for building a relationship. Cuckold women can enhance even better connections with their partners. With cuckolding, a strong foundation of building good communications made, and this supports other primary areas of the marriage. Lack of proper communication means that the woman feels shy talking, for instance, about sexual dissatisfaction.

6. Women Get to Practice Healthy Masochism

Cuckold women who are into pain during sex as a sign of pleasure get to exploit this sexual desire. The society restricts or speculates that a man should not submit to a woman. Contrary, cuckold couples can try out the vice versa of this cultural norm. In cases where a man feels free to submit to a woman, cuckolding makes the partners open-minded hence free to try it out. In a way, cuckolding give women an open ground to explore different sexual practices that bring pleasure to their partners. During this process, the bond created tightens, and the couple seems to enjoy their bedtime more.

7. It allows Women to Explore Their 'Fetish.'

Cuckold women get a chance to take their fetish to the next level in their marriage. According to Dr. Susan Block in the book, ‘Evolution of Peace,’ she highlights that couples practicing cuckolding are also voyeurs and their female partners’ exhibitions. Women are often shy about their sexuality, but with cuckolding, they get to free themselves out of that cocoon. For instance, women who get turned on watching their partners get intimate with another person that explore their fetish in that way. Also, women can try other relationships, such as affair dating.

To sum up, since time immemorial, society overlooks the married woman's sexuality. Women are shy to express their selves concerning sexuality leading to a lot of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in marriage. However, with Cuckolding, married women get to get out of these restrictions and explore their sexuality. As I highlighted in this article, there are so many benefits that come with cuckolding. Perhaps by now, you think, 'Why not should I try it? Bear in mind that cuckolding is not a random couple’s lifestyle choice. It takes pure trust between the partners to realize the benefits that come along with cuckolding.


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