Which site is better for cuckolding couples looking for hotwives, Bicupid or AdultFriendFinders?

For cuckold singles, finding a like-minded couple isn’t a simple task. It needs you to do intensive research before you can find one that suits your desires. In considering these challenges this person have to through in the search, various dating sites started to cuckold dating pages. Here, as a cuckold single, you get a chance to have a hotwife dating.


However, with the establishment of the hotwives sites, it turns out trying to identify the best. In this article, we shall compare Bicupid and AdultFriendFinder to see which one of the two is better. Consider, therefore reading the whole text for a chance to make an informed decision.

  bicupid vs adultfriendfinder

Community size

Both AFF and Bicupid have a large number of users. AFF comes with more than eight million users, while Bicupid features over 1.2 million registered members. A large number of users makes it simple to find a perfect match for you. With the large number of cuckold couples to select, there is always a chance to get what you desire.


Search options

Both sites have a simple search strategy. You only need to fill in your details as a man, birthdates, and country then click on search. Both websites will give a list of cuckold couples waiting for you. Choose the pair you’d love to meet and start planning for a date.


Bicupid offers an extra feature of bisexual couples who are looking for a single adult man who can join the cuckold dating. Being among the best for bisexual dating, be assured you’ll love it once you register.


Sign Up

The sign-up process is straightforward. Each site will have a sign-up section on the welcoming page. Fill in your gender, interests, birthdates, country or state, and the nearest city. Confirm the details, then click on register. Once you get registered, you can search for cuckold couples from all over the globe based on your area of residence. About registration cost, one will sign up for free. It means that you don’t need any cash to have a date with a cuckold hot housewife.



Both AFF and Bicupid offer confidentiality to your details. They’ll make sure that no one acquires your details in an unauthorized manner. For them to ensure enhanced safety, they’ll not take much of your details. They’ll at most of the time ask for your email during registration. Also, you don’t have to use your pictures in your profile, keeping your life a secret if you’re not ready to go public.


Efficiency in Use

Bicupid and AFF have easy to use the website. The color pink for Bicupid website makes it more attractive for most of the users. Also, all the tabs get placed conveniently within the website where visitors can easily see them. That makes navigation within the two sites easy to follow and therefore, suitable for most users.


Mobile Friendlys

When it comes to dating websites, you need to choose one that is mobile friendly. Both AFF and Bicupid do operate on mobile devices. That means you can do things as you can do them on your computer. That is, being able to use your Smartphone to view members’ profiles, send emails, chat online, and view cam through your phone. It also allows you to enjoy sex with hotwives from across the globe. Being mobile-friendly makes you feel like you carry a party in your pocket.


Live Cam Chats

Another advantage with the two sites is that they allow nude can chats. Here, you can choose video chats or sending emails. Everyone here is an adult, and therefore the site is incredibly impressive. For video chats, the view is clear with adults ready to help you spend your time in a quality way.


Final verdict

Comparing both the Bicupid and AdultFriendFinder cuckold dating websites, the two are reliable. Every user might find them equally competitive. The only differences are that AFF has a more significant number of users than Bicupid. On the other hand, Bicupid specializes more on bisexual cuckold hotwife dating.


However, the two are excellent hotwives sites for cuckold couples and singles. Therefore, if you’re searching for the best consider giving both a try and see which of the two suits you better. I hope you find it helpful in reading this article.


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