What Is Cuckold Before You Are into Cuckold Relationship?

Society has, in a way, normalized a particular type of heterosexual relationship where the codependence of a woman on a man allows the man to sleep around with other women as long as he comes back home. This often because the woman is viewed as a baby-making machine who is lucky to be with the man, and she accepts that the man will sleep around as boys will always be boys. However, the new cuckold sexual trend in which the man allows his woman to sleep with other men as he stays entirely faithful for her provides a twist to the ideology mentioned above. Here is an exclusive look at what is a cuckold to give you a clear understanding before you are into a cuckold relationship.

what is cuckold before you know the cuckold relationship

What Exactly Does It Mean to Be A Cuckold?

A cuckold relationship involves the girlfriend or wife engaging in sex with another man or men in front of the boyfriend or husband or has sex with another man and the boyfriend or husband fully approves or knows about the activities. This might sound strange or kinky, but the twist comes in that the boyfriend or husband actually enjoys and is turned on by being the cuckold. Though cuckolding gained popularity in the recent past, this type of relationship is an age-old thing. The word was first used in 1250 in the poem, 'The Owl and the Nightingale.' The word cuckold has been derived from the Cuckoo bird which lays its eggs in other nests and leaves the eggs and its young ones to be raised by others. The man, known as the cuckold, not only likes it when their partners, referred to as cuckoldress, engage in sex with other men but also enjoy and get intense sexual arousal to sit in and enjoy watching or a recount of the sexual acts via graphic details.

You may be mystified about cuckolding, but couples enjoy this in various ways. One of the reasons is that the man having sex with the hotwife dating as the husband watches is often a stranger though not always. The aspect of the third partner being anonymous serves as a significant turn on for some couples as well as acts to avoid the development of emotional attachment. Another reason why couples enjoy cuckolding is that the husband watches the wife involve in pure illicit pleasure and likes it watching her indulge in gratifying sexual experience as though she is his porn star performer. Seeing her as a sex object arouses his erotic nature allowing him to view her as an unattainable, desirable lady rather than just a girlfriend or wife. This, in return, increases his sexual desire for her, and they usually have hot sex soon.

Why Do People Like It?

Some men get turned on feeling submissive, which cuckolding provides perfectly. This is because the third partner is usually a more alpha/ dominant male, especially in terms of larger penis size and hence more worthy of the girlfriend or wife than the husband is. Seeing another man have hot erotic sex with his wife or girlfriend and giving her pleasure is an enfeebling experience which some men crave for. It may be a release of ego or control, which serves as very satisfying. While not all people enjoy cuckolding, it is surprising how many couples find the idea to be exciting and engage in it. Pleasure is derived in many forms, and cuckolding can offer an excellent sexual experience that binds and gratifies some cuckold couples.

How to Make Cuckolding Work for You?

The best way of making cuckolding successful is making it totally your own. As a couple, you need to have a mutual agreement on what will work for both of you. Communication and compromise are the keys to success in a cuckold relationship. Some of the ideas to consider before diving into it include;

  • For the cuckold watching, will they participate in any way? Cuckold, with bisexual fantasies, are sometimes allowed to suck the dick of the alpha male to prepare him for his partner while some cuckolds are tied to a chair at the edge of the bed and left without being able to masturbate. Some cuckolds are permitted to hold and guide the alpha's cock in his wife or hold his wife's leg to enhance penetration.
  • Does the cuckold want to see or just want to hear what it was like for the woman to have sex with another man? Some men like to watch while some don't. For those who don't like watching, the cuckoldress can describe how it was, how big the cock was, how long it lasted, and so on.
  • Will there be verbal humiliation? Most submissive males enjoy being humiliated during the hot sex session with an alpha male either by the female, the male, or both. They get turned on hearing their partners say how much they are enjoying being fucked by a huge cock and listening to the alpha male say he has never felt so good like being inside her and so on.

Are There Risks to Consider?

Cuckolding often involves steamy sex between the girlfriend or wife and the alpha male. This means there is sexual contact, which normally comes with risks of sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. You should hence use condoms and other barrier methods during intercourse and oral sex for safer sex. Another risk to consider is emotional attachment. Feelings can change at any time though you were on board at the beginning. Those hooking up may become very emotionally attached, or the cuckold might experience more jealousy and want to stop. Cuckolding needs total honesty in every step of the process and communicate regularly so as you stay on the same page. In case anything feels off, stop it.

Final Thought

For couples attracted to engaging in a cuckold relationship, it is advisable that they ease into it with roleplay, simply discussing fantasies or watching porn videos together. Before a couple of advances into real cuckolding, feelings such as resentment, anger, or jealousy might arise. Dealing with these feelings first is the right way of testing the waters to attest to whether both of you are ready. Communication is an essential component for couples bold enough to try cuckolding.


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