Things You Need To Know About a Cuckold Relationship

You have probably seen cuckolding pop up somewhere on the internet, but you might never have known its actual meaning. For many of us, it only seems to exist in porn. While some people might be wondering why a man would enjoy seeing his girlfriend riding another buff dude on earth, there are plenty of people who wish that their partner was down for some cuckold fun. As the world becomes more woke to all kinds of polyamory and monogamy relationships, more people are being more open about enjoying cuckold relationships. This erotic fetish does not have to remain a fantasy. If you are interested, let’s dive in and look at the things you need to know about a cuckold relationship.

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What Is Cuckolding?

This refers to a form of consensual sex in which a man witness as his wife or girlfriend enjoys sex with a third partner. Normally, the cuckold can be present in the room but can also observe by being sent photos or messages of the hot sex section. Unlike other kinds of non-monogamy relationships, such as swinging where couples swap their partners, in cuckolding, the person observing does not physically take part in any sexual activity. Today, in some types of cuckold fantasy, some men will even fantasize about their partner being impregnated by one of the other lovers.


Where Did The Word Cuckold Originate From?

Although cuckolding gained popularity recently, this type of relationship has existed in the past. The word was first used in 1250 in the poem, 'The Owl and the Nightingale.' The term cuckold is from the Cuckoo bird. The bird is known for laying its eggs in other bird's nests and leaves the eggs and its young ones to be raised by others. The cuckoo hatchlings develop faster than the others. The adoptive, unsuspecting parents will hence feed it constantly and, in due course, toss its smaller nest-mates to their death to make room for the larger eggs. The word cuckold came in use in medieval times to describe men with unfaithful wives, particularly when referencing men raising kids that were not biologically his own.


Why Do People Like It?

You may be baffled about cuckold dating, but couples enjoy this in various ways. Some individuals engage in cuckolding as a way to overcome the boredom and repetition in a relationship. They use cuckolding as a sexual variety to strengthen their relationships and learn more about what their partner enjoys dating sex. For other people, the jealousy they feel as they watch their girlfriend in bed with another man adds a fascinating element to their relationship and can add a new flavor and dimension to their sexual life.


According to psychosexual, the thought of your partner having sex with someone else can be quite a turn on. The man watches the wife get involved in sexual pleasure and gratifying sexual experience. Seeing her as a sex object arouses his sensual nature allowing him to see her as an unfeasible lady that they desire to be with rather than just a girlfriend or wife. This, in return, increases his sexual desire for her, and they start having hot sex sessions than before.

Other men get aroused by the feeling of submissiveness that cuckold relationships offer impeccably. Normally, the third partner acts as an alpha or dominant male with a bigger penis. The third partner is seen as more deserving of the wife or girlfriend than the cuckold man. Witnessing another man have steamy erotic sex with his partner and giving her pleasure is an out of this world experience that some men desire. While not all men relish cuckolding, it is astonishing how many couples find the fetish to be thrilling and have gone forward to try it out.


Tips to Make Cuckold relationship Work for You?

The best way to make cuckold dating successful is making it completely your own. As a couple, you need to have a joint agreement on what will work for both of you and ensure you are interested. Communicating openly and teamwork are the keys to success in a cuckold relationship. Before real cuckold dating, you should agree on several issues, such as whether as the cuckold you will participate in the sexual session in any way, such as caressing the wife or masturbating.


You should also agree on whether you want to be physically present in the room during the cuckolding hot sex, or you would rather just listen as they ride each other. It's also vital to discuss whether verbal humiliation arouses you or not. Some submissive men get turned on by being verbally humiliated by the alpha male, wife, or both. They also get aroused by hearing the wife say how big and satisfying the third's partner's cock is. To be successful in cuckolding, you and your partner need to be honest with each other and keep communication to remain on the same page.

What Are The Risks To Consider on Cuckold Relationship?

Cuckold relationship often involves hot sex between your girlfriend or wife and the third male or bull. There is hence sexual contact, which routinely involves the risks of STDs and pregnancy. Hence, you need to consider using condoms and other disease prevention methods during intercourse and oral sex for ultimate safety. Additionally, you need to be cautious about the development of emotional attachment. Your partner and the alpha male can start developing deeper feelings for each other at any time and leave you out. You, as the cuckold, might also start feeling jealous and want to stop the whole thing. Cuckolding should stop immediately you start feeling off to avoid a bad ending.


Whatever your fantasy with cuckold dating is, and I am assuming you have one because you have read to the end, there are many ways to fulfill it. From storytelling with your partner about her sexual experience with another man to full-on cuckold threesomes with a willing third. You just need to follow similar rules as you would for any other great sex session; mutual respect, good communication, and regular checking to ensure you are still having a splendid time. Sexual pleasure is achieved in many forms, and cuckolding can provide an outstanding sexual experience that binds and satisfies some couples.


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