How to Get More Excitement When Your Wife is Cuckolding

A cuckold relationship can often bring some challenges but can also strengthen the bond between couples. A cuckold relationship involves the male watching his partner get intense sexual satisfaction from an alpha male. The cuckold derives sexual satisfaction purely from watching the partner being satisfied by other man and does not participate in penetration sex. While some couples might not allow themselves to imagine such sexual encounters, there are lots of people engaging in cuckolding fetishes and is the most popular search term online behind the threesome. If you are one of those on board with cuckolding, here is a look at things you need to know about a cuckold relationship to help you get more excitement when your wife is cuckolding.

  make your wife excitement when having a cuckold

There must be loyalty and trust

You will only enjoy a cuckold relationship if there is trust and loyalty as a couple. If you have trust issues or the relationship is in a loveless state, cuckolding may break the relationship instead of improving it. Trusting your wife is the only way you will achieve the brazen openness and excitement needed to enjoy the cuckold experience. With the fear of abandonment issues or your wife developing an emotional attachment to the other guy, it puts off the excitement of watching her being fucked by another man. So before you start a cuckold relationship, ensure both of you have ultimate trust and loyalty to each other.


Discuss what you are both comfortable with beforehand

As with any fantasy, it is essential to think things through cautiously before acting. Anyone who has cuckolding fantasies will not experience excitement over the same thing. Depending on the degree of your cuckold kink, you should talk to your wife about what you are comfortable with before the sex scene.


Get Submissive

For some men, the pleasure comes from giving up the power of sexually pleasing their partner over someone else. As a cuckold, you are submitting to someone else taking over your role in bed. If you are one of those men who get turned on by being humiliated, let your wife know and share your sexual excitement that comes with the humiliation. Do you love her talking dirty, saying how much the bull satisfies her and getting humiliated by the alpha male in front of her?


Pick the right location

For experiencing most excitement, it is important to find the right place to fulfil your cuckold dating. To enjoy your cuckold experience, everybody will need to be comfortable. Sometimes, engaging in a cuckold scene in your home is impractical, particularly if you are a married couple. Picking a neutral location such as a hotel provides the best option for most couples by allowing you to segregate your cuckold lifestyle from your home environment.


Have the right equipment to capture the action

While it might not be essential to film your wife in action, filming her can add more thrill and excitement. When not engaging in full-on cuckolding sessions, you will still get the sexual satisfaction and excitement by watching and playing back the best experiences. You hence consider investing in a highly-quality digital camera or a tripod to enable you to capture each moment clearly and get you even more turned on.


Engage with different bulls

The central players of a cuckold relationship are you and your wife. The bull is the third party that joins you in bed. To get more excitement, the bull should be interchangeable rather than having a preference or loyalty to one bull. If the first man that comes along does not deliver or create the right tension and excitement you want, don’t anguish. There are thousands of bulls around to try out from black, Asian to white guys. Depending on your fetishes, you should meet different men for the role according to body type, age, penis size and other physical characteristics. Bull diversity, when your wife is cuckolding, will give you a complete cuckold experience. You can find a variety of them online, so don't feel limited.


Embrace the cuckold personal

The first step of enjoying the cuckold relationship is being realistic about your role as a cuckold. While the alpha male is fucking your wife and giving her sexual satisfaction that you could never give her, you should remain submissive. By embracing being cool with that, you will be the perfect cuckold, and you will, in turn, get more excited and fulfilled. However, don’t take your position too seriously. Cuckolding is an erotic game and not a reflection of your real personality. If you take the submissive role as fun without taking it out of the bedroom, watching your wife moaning with pleasure will be full of excitement and joy.


Try out your cuckolding fetishes

try out your cuckold fetishes

For most cuckolds, how the participants dress is a major turn on as the size of the bull’s penis. To increase your excitement when your wife is cuckolding, you should consider trying out the cuckolding fetishes that turn you on. Talk to your partner about the way you want to stage the sessions. Whether you want a basic hotel room style with only a bed and the action, or you want a more intricate gothic-style set up? You can also consider bringing role plays like lords and peasants or dressing in a gimp suit to symbolize your submission. It’s all up to your fetishes and imagination.


Consider taking safety precautions

Another way to ensure you get more excited when your wife is cuckolding is taking safety precautions. Make sure you all get tested including the new partner joining you in bed and use protection before engaging in any sex with a new partner even if you have been monogamous for a substantial amount of time.



If you feel that the cuckolding lifestyle is right for you, you should not allow the norms in society to limit you. The only two individuals who have the decision on pursuing the cuckold lifestyle is you and your partner. If your partner is in, then move forward and go for it. The tips reviewed above will help you get more excitement when your wife is cuckolding. When done right, cuckolding can have a positive impact on your sexual relationship.


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