How to Become A Cuckold

Did you decide to research this after finding it in your husband's browsing history? If so, then it means your husband is a cuckold and would like to introduce you to it but doesn't know-how. It means your husband wants you to become sexually explorative and won't mind you sleeping with a bull. When starting a cuckold relationship, you should be the ones in control. Reflect that you husband is maybe trying to find a way to bring up this topic, don't be too hard on him if you are not into it, he was trying to express his sexual desires. Do you want to know how to become a cuckold? Let me guide you through.

how to become a cuckold

What Should Cuckolding Mean to You?

The answer to this question is pretty simple; your wife wants to cheat. Now, what is making you not realize your sexual desire to be a cuckold? Shyness and social restrictions are the key factors. Looking at cuckolding, it goes against the social norm of toxic masculinity. Society mainly presumes that a man been polygamous is acceptable but not for the woman. Such is one of the world's most influential ideologies, assuming that things should be the way they are- what people call nature. Contrary, we don't exist in nature but live in the world we create for ourselves.

Some might argue that scientific research supports that males, due to high testosterone hormones, will quickly react to anger and prone to violence. Nonetheless, do you understand that your environment somewhat influences your body chemistry? Your wife sleeping around should be a challenge to your male ego, but all the society guides you to do is react violently. A woman who decides to go the cuckolding way is strong since she defies cultural norms to follow what is right to her. If you are burying your sexual needs in fear of reprobation, your masculinity, and other social norms, you're just not brave enough! Now is the time you should stand tall and prioritize your sexual needs first. So, how can you become a good cuckold?

Step 1: Submit

Before reaching this point, I assume you understand your wife quite well. You know what your wife dislikes- stop doing it. You know some things she likes but is kind of a bug to you? Please do it. If you want to learn how to be a good cuckold, you must be ready to put her interests first. Forget about all the bondage and submissive sex, becoming a good cuckold means submitting wholly.

For instance, women will often argue about petty stuff all the time- start by losing those petty arguments. It's normal to find yourself failing in some cases; you can always go back and apologize. There are multiple other ways you can submit, such as opening the car door, gifting her, doing house chores, just but to name a few. It won't be long before she realizes that your submissive side.

Step 2: Confess

You need to be bold enough and confess to your wife about your true sexual nature- you want to submit. Please make sure you talk it through in-depth as it is a significant part of your relationship. Be ready to answer questions she might ask and even backed up information on how you can kickstart this relationship. Explain to her that you want her to take up the leadership role in your relationship and explain what that makes you feel.

You might not get a perfect answer at first, but it's an excellent way to start this conversation. For instance, ask her what you can do to become a better hubby, and do what pleases her. In most cases, women have a strong sense and might have realized this before you even told them. Nonetheless, it is the perfect start to a beautiful cuckolding relationship.

Step 3: Explore

Your wife might not welcome the cuckold-idea, at first. So, what should you do? Start by being explorative. It would be best if you showed your wife that you are really into the whole idea of being submissive. Oral sex, for example, is an excellent place to start. Show enthusiasm when you are getting on with it and try playing a few pleasure tricks here and there. Let her be in control of the whole sexual act and slowly by slowly; she might realize that she enjoys being dominant.

How to Practice Cuckolding Responsibly?

Similar to other sexual relationships, you need honesty, respect, consent, and excellent communication. Set clear relationship boundaries and layout of how this relationship will work. Cuckolding, in some way, follows similar guidelines to online cuckold dating. These include; non-disclosure of personal information, always meeting other cuckold partners in public for the first time, or going alone you need to open about it with your partner and use protective sexual measures if you happen to have sex.

In conclusion, this article highlights all you need to know to become a good cuckold. It’s time you go beyond what the society restricts us to and explore your sexual fetish. Observe those guidelines, and you'll have a perfect cuckold relationship.


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