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6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Bull

Undoubtedly, dominance in sex will often have an impact on the relationships that we seek to establish. One of the most delicate relationships to handle is one with a bull, or alpha males when to date them, as they are often known. Often, they tend to not only love the finer things in life and sex, which highlights a cuckold lifestyle. So, how do you handle such people? What should you do to keep the relationship burning? We explore six of the most exquisite variables that you should always note when dating a bull.


1. They are emphatic

Besides being conservative, they accentuate a sense of stability. This way, they are ready to stick by their choices as they seek satisfaction in the long run. Unlike the others, who are often indecisive, Bulls tend to understand what they want and go for it. For this reason, they will often look for someone who barely contradicts them. One thing to note is that the size of the penis does not matter so much. It is not a rule of the stone to have a more significant endowment.


2. There should be a neutral cuckold place

Nothing could be more impressive than having a neutral cuckold place where you easily explore your fantasies. More than often, Bulls will find a neutral turf to be a critical element to the success of this relationship. For the sake of privacy, it will be prudent not to involve in cuckold dating at your home. A hotel will time and again come in handy as it allows you to segregate your cuckold lifestyle from the normal one. Nothing could be more satisfying.


3. A sense of flexibility

Sudden changes could be quite hurtful to any bull. Considering how loyalty is essential in this existence, you will learn that they neither like much attention nor clinginess. For this reason, they will want a partner that not only gives them space but also respects their sense of independence. However, there is no harm in exploring different bulls. Diversity in selecting your bull could have a far-reaching impact on your experience in the long run.


4. Patience, loyalty is vital

Nothing matters as much as trust in any given relationship. Bulls tend to take as much time as they need before they can trust anyone. For as long as there are trust issues in this relationship, it is less likely to be successful in the long run. Right from the onset, the trust will ensure that there are unabashed openness and quality experiences.


5. Reliability, safety is essential

Undoubtedly, everyone will want a person that they can rely on, and Bulls are no exception. Reliability is not negotiable whenever you want a bull. Whereas they could be flirty at times and sensual seducers, they are often happier when pampered and in a committed union. For this reason, playing safe will be healthy. Always aim at using protection whenever engaging in this act. This way, you will avoid sexually transmitted infections.


6. Learn to let go, ease into the relationship

As mentioned earlier, it is prudent that you do not get in the way of their goals. This cuckold relationship will time and again be centered on sexual derision and satisfaction rather than love. For this reason, being emotionally clingy could be quite hurtful at the end of the day. However, this should be a fun experience that you should find not only comforting but also not shameful. For this reason, talk about it, explore your fancies, agree, and stick by what you fit all partners.



Bull dating can be quite a daunting commitment at times. With the various intricacies that these relationships come with, it is always valuable to be wholly prepared. It takes a man with a heart to watch his wife making love to someone else.


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